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Handmade – crochet baby shoes and gift boxes

This weekend has been crochet baby shoes and boxes weekend. Purl and Lace(local wool shop) wanted some replacement baby booties in the mary-jane and ballerina style.  I had 2 commissions for mary-jane booties.  I was also […]

Boiler house gallery

I’ve been making a few things for The Loft Shop in the boiler house Gallery @ Corfe. Been making: origami cards for Christmas with a Tree decoration on the from, some are Christmas trees of various […]

Workshop – Homemade Christmas – 1

Saturday is our first Homemade Christmas workshop, our second one (part 2 – sewing) is in a couple of weeks. Julie will be tutoring knitted and crocheted gifts and decorations and I will be making […]

Origami – christmas trees

  I’ve recently been trying Origami. It is a lot of fun, but then I’ve only tried simple items. I made some hearts which I’ve previously posted, but I’ve also made some flowers out of […]

Crafts by the Sea – latest stock – hanging origami heart(s)

I’ve been trying some origami and have created some cards with new and recycled sheet music. Each card has a single or pair of hearts with various methods used for the hanging part (wire, paper […]