Blanket squares

Been working steadily over the last couple of weeks to assemble some blankets with donated blanket squares for a lovely group of ladies who have set up “Sent With Love”

sent with love


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Sent with Love aim to send handmade blankets to adults diagnosed with cancer throughout the UK.  So please have a look at their blog, especially if you would like to help in any way.

I’ve made a blanket so far and am working on my second.

This one will be in chunky wool and will hopefully end up as a lap blanket version of this pattern.

blanket for sent with love This is a lion Brand Pattern  – Magnolia Afghan for chunky wool but it can be made in any weight.80266ada

Blankets once assembled.

blanket for sent with love blanket for sent with love

I assembled the knitted squares with crochet using a continuous method of crochet diagram which can be found here or on my pinterest

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