hand made – a new adventure

hand made – a new adventure



Hand made – a new adventure…..A new wool shop has opened in Swanage.  To be precise it is a Lingerie and wool shop.  Purl & Lace not only sells underwear

from premium underwear specialist it also sells lots and lots of lovely wool.

Run by Steph, who is an avid knitter, she has chosen some lovely wool which compliments the wool available at the other  wool shop in Swanage.

After giving a couple of crochet classes just before Christmas she asked me if I would supply some hand made articles to be sold in the shop.  I didn’t take much persuading.  She mainly wanted baby gifts so I got the old hooks and needles out and have been supplying her for the last few months.


I supply handmade items and patterns under the name of amelia dellow



with my label:-


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